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Coke Studio - Bombay....17 May 2011!/rohwit/status/60324618317205504

This is where it all started. Thanks to some lovely folks who are my friends at Twitter, I got a chance to attend Coke studio recording at MTV. (I had to leave it mid-way but then let's focus on the positive side of the deal). Anyway, Benny dayal and suzanne d'mello did come up with a very sweet and very Coke-Studio-ish version of 'Kancha re kancha re, pyar mera sancha, ruk ja na ja dil tod ke'. I am sure it will be the one of the highlights of this year's coke studio recordings. The purists might not like it all that much but for all the music lovers who appreciate music in any language, innovated to the T, they would especially like the way the beautiful chorus opens the song...'Na jaa, naa jaa, naa jaaaaa' Just beautiful!

Just the atmosphere at Coke studio at Mtv Studios was vibrant, full of energy and soaked in melody. Since I was one of the fortunate few who had a headphone which was directly connected to the lead vocals - I could hear the brief rehearsing efforts of both the singers. You couldn't help but smile when the singers (accompanied by a brilliant drummer) suddenly broke out into 'soldier soldier meethi baatein bolkar, dil ko chura ley gaya') Just a gargle, I thought to myself.

The musicians, camera crew and everyone else were awestruck, swaying and sometimes smiling (Benny suddenly went..'Happy budday cuppy....Cuppy budday Happy' a bundle of energy that he is!)

Truly coke, totally studio!

Just can't wait for it to hit TVs.

June 17th....