Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 Khoon maaf - Music review

  1.  Darling – An excited Usha Uthup gets the ball rolling with some lovely violin and accordion and the army like drums in the background…stage set and the super Rekha Bharadwaj enters like a Daaaaarling! A song supremely accompanied by the very talented Chorus. Gulzar Saab gets apologetic for calling the lover on a Sunday and Usha Uthup belts out Urdu words along with Rekha Bharadwaj with aplomb. Watch how they both say the word ‘Qayda’ and not ‘Kayda’ Ah! The attention to details…Vishal bharadwaj sets the tone of this lovely album with this super song!
  1. Bekaran - A gentle bass effect with slow violins and almost a faint piano enters your senses melodiously accompanied by the whispering Vishal Bharadwaj. This is the song which reinforces the fact that Gulzar writes honey dipped poetry while the other lesser mortals are plain lyricist. Lillah! The sound setting almost fades leaving Guitar and Vishal into the Antraa of the song. The song has a very romantically dark feel to it. A superb composition by Vishal.
  1. O Mama – K.K gets a chance to sing for Vishal. Electric guitar and keyboard notes start the song and go bang bang! Powerful lines perfectly delivered by KK (Who is not doing the typical woooo hooo wooo in the song for a welcome change!) A song full of attitude and Guitar! A different sound of music from Vishal.
  1. Awaara – Master Saleem finally gets honey dipped lyrics to sing composed by Vishal. This lovely song has a very nomadic and ‘on the go’ sort of a feel to it. Vishal gets a superb Sitar in between which accentuates the overall feel of the song. Love the way the song ends..completely nomadic…kudos! It’s nomadic and THAT DOESN’T mean it’s a SUFI song.
  1. Tere Liye – Suresh Wadkar, the soft spoken killer! Whenever he teams up with Vishal-Gulzar, Qayamat happens, and this song is no different. Beautiful guitar opens the song and the ‘killer’ just sings one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard from him. If you hear the song attentively, you will realize that some notes of this song are similar to the ‘Aur fir yun hua’ (film – striker) which was sung by Vishal. As usual, Gulzar weaves a sweet word (‘Shawl’). What is amazing is an almost ‘vocal’ Sarod and the way it’s been used in this song. God! How we wish Vishal-Gulzar work more and give us more gems like these.
  1. Dil Dil hai – Suraj Jagan roars out loud along with a guitar which is vocally violent. Quite a different sound from Vishal again. It is just a 3 minute song but trust Suraj Jagan to give it everything. A full of attitude song about all what heart is.
  1. Yeshu – Church bells open this piece with lovely violins giving a very decisive feel to the mood. Rekha Bharadwaj. Quite a dramatic feel along with very heavy chorus and violins constantly keep the ‘filmy’ feel of this song intact.
  1. Doosri Darling – the Russian chorus with constant tempo pass the baton to Rekha Bharadwaj who is wondering the possibilities in Love! In this version, watch how Rekha pronounces Darling (as if partially opening the mouth and throwing the words from it). Metallic flute gives it a feel of the good life which might remind you of ‘The corrs’ for a moment. Usha Uthup and Clinton Cerejo do very well to bring back the lively mood. Supremely done!
  1. O Mama (Unplugged) – Beautiful strings welcome you to this song. Dark lyrics, yet romantic. Nicely sung by KK. He gets a little 'typical' towards the end of this 1 minute 43 second song but then somethings cannot be helped! *sigh*
To sum it up, it is yet another different album from the magnificent Gulzar-Vishal. I won’t state the obvious about Gulzar saab’s poetry because that’s already established that he is the best and in this album also, he mesmerises us by his word play. Sir, we bow to you

A must have album.


  1. hahaha
    u almost make reading about the album more enjoyable than the album itself :)
    kudos to u sir!
    in the age of the audio cassettes and even to an extent with audio CDs, i had the habit of diligently reading which song was written by which lyricist, now in the age of MP3s, all that is gone. for many movies i don't even know who wrote n composed d songs :(
    thanks to u, i'm once again getting moored to my music.
    thanks to u for going so deep into an album, i bow to u :)

  2. @Adee - u know it is because of u and @md610 that I wrote this..else I don't take to writing at all...yes...coward - - thats me!

    Thank u again...don't think I have words to reciprocate the kind words u have put above. Many thanks

  3. damn!

    I am going to listen to ALL the songs now! :D
    Great post Rohit!

  4. Really like the ishtyle dude! the way you've taken the liberty to report each track individually and add your opinions :D


  5. Vishal Bhardwaj & Gulzar Saab! Name this magical duo & expectations are everest high! And, We-The Worshippers are all ears (cleared by ear buds) ;)! Cut to Darling, so much already been said (by everyone almost). For me it sounds like With Love, From Russia, don’t know the reason though! Play Bekaran & yeah, I faints! Billi jaisi ankhon wali, meow si ek ladki (O Mama reference), ain’t a perfecto example of ‘crass with class’! Ok now, I pleasurably (have to) agreed with Adee! Rohit Sir, I adore you as you are ‘not’ another self-proclaimed Music Lover! *Respects In Place* for now & for-ever! May Gawd Jee Bless your living in the music store… BRING IT ON! Yes, kya kare, ye dil maange more (Reference, dil sa koi kameena nahi)...

  6. @Richa - Thank you!! You totally rocked the playlist today by the way... \m/ - to that!


  7. @Marjaani - Yes yes yes...thats a comment better than any review I have read so far...! am not anything but a servant to music...absolutely nothing else

  8. i loved marjaani's comment and name :)
    rohit sir, ik bada wala thank u hai ji ;)

  9. @Adee @Marjaani - Thank u very very much guys! thanks again!

  10. @Adee: :D thanku thanku. just been to your place ''. loved it & how?