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Coke Studio - Bombay....17 May 2011!/rohwit/status/60324618317205504

This is where it all started. Thanks to some lovely folks who are my friends at Twitter, I got a chance to attend Coke studio recording at MTV. (I had to leave it mid-way but then let's focus on the positive side of the deal). Anyway, Benny dayal and suzanne d'mello did come up with a very sweet and very Coke-Studio-ish version of 'Kancha re kancha re, pyar mera sancha, ruk ja na ja dil tod ke'. I am sure it will be the one of the highlights of this year's coke studio recordings. The purists might not like it all that much but for all the music lovers who appreciate music in any language, innovated to the T, they would especially like the way the beautiful chorus opens the song...'Na jaa, naa jaa, naa jaaaaa' Just beautiful!

Just the atmosphere at Coke studio at Mtv Studios was vibrant, full of energy and soaked in melody. Since I was one of the fortunate few who had a headphone which was directly connected to the lead vocals - I could hear the brief rehearsing efforts of both the singers. You couldn't help but smile when the singers (accompanied by a brilliant drummer) suddenly broke out into 'soldier soldier meethi baatein bolkar, dil ko chura ley gaya') Just a gargle, I thought to myself.

The musicians, camera crew and everyone else were awestruck, swaying and sometimes smiling (Benny suddenly went..'Happy budday cuppy....Cuppy budday Happy' a bundle of energy that he is!)

Truly coke, totally studio!

Just can't wait for it to hit TVs.

June 17th....


Friday, April 22, 2011

I AM - Music review

Baangur (Music - Amit Trivedi) - The song starts in a typical ‘Amit trivedi’ style. This time it’s the instrument ‘Veena’ which talks with a guitar and subtly leaves you in good company of a very talented Mame khan. His raw voice, filled with contemporary nuances and the melody of classical music enthralls you. The track has a very sticky feel and you will continue to sing this for a long time. The lovely interlock of electric guitar with the other instruments and the singer injecting momentary ‘ah’ ah’ gives a very contemporary feel to the song in a way which is quite characteristic of Amit trivedi. Kavita seth then takes over. The song is penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya, so it didnt come to me as a surprise that the song has soulful lyrics. Loved the use of Mandolin as well. Nicely done!

ISI Baat pe (Music - Amit Trivedi) - A ‘fresh beginning’ sort of music arrangement starts the song and KK goes behind the microphone to sing this one. A restrained treatment has been given to this song inspite of having a very ‘new morning new life’ sort of lyrics. I love the faint twinkling sound which accompanies KK for the entire song, it gives a very fresh feel to the song and soothes the senses. The way ‘Veena’ has interacted with the overall music setting of this song speaks volumes about Amit Trivedi. This song is also penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya (who has supplied the song with some vocals as well)...I will survive! Good song!

Bhojhal se (Music -Rajiv Bhalla) - K.K hums you into the song. with a soulful guitar for company. As this soulful song moves ahead, flute joins in and fades out in a way the haunted memories of past come out of nowhere and leave you thinking...loved the feel of it. Intelligently done! The lyrics of this song in particular penetrate more into your senses because the music arrangement is very thin and lets KK to do the needful. This song is penned by Amitabh Varma who creates an atmosphere of  times when life leaves us with memoirs of the past.

Aankhein (Music - Vivek Philip)- Contemporary start to a song filled with romance. Karthik takes it up on himself to mesmerise us. He is accompanied by almost silent back up vocals from from Vivek Philip and Shonia Shirsat. From a ‘whispering’ tone of the song, Karthik changes the course of the song mid way as if to wake up the beloved who was swaying to his soft singing so far. This is the most simply written song with of the album with not many layers because love generally is like that! Penned by Amitabh Varma...a good song overall.

Saye Saye (Music - Amit Trivedi) - The Azaan (Allah ho Akbar) by Raja Hassan catches your attention from the word ‘go’ and in comes the princess of soulful singing - Rekha Bharadwaj. Accompanying her his Mohan kannan (Agnee). The pain of a life suddenly unsettled is penned beautifully and performed equally well by both the singers. I love the call to the lord which Rekha Bharadwaj gives towards the end....leaves you wanting for more. A fabulous song penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Wundoo Yeredoo (Lyrics, Music and sung by - Rajiv Bhalla) - A trance- remix sort of song.Multi lingual lyrics, heavy music arrangement should guarentee a palce in the discos and should get a philip once the movie is released. Frankly, there is nothing much to write about this song. Shake a leg, groove to the beat..and leave.

The album then features Bhojhal mix (by Rajiv Bhalla), Issi baat (remixed by DJ Lloyd) and Baangur remix (by DJ Suketu feat. PaVaN) are quite alright. I am quite sure none of them will feature in the movie and are a part of Sony Music’s strategy to ‘fill’ an album more than anything else. Am not qualified to comment on these tracks since I can't differentiate between hip hop and rock & hear them out and make an opinion if you wish to.

To sum it up, a brave music album without any ‘typical must have’ numbers. Onir has got a fantastic music team which comes together to deliver a different album of a movie which will definitely be different in the real sense of the word and not just ‘different’. If you are besotted by garden songs, item numbers and the likes, please don’t bother listening to this album. If you are one of those who look for quality, grab this album. Don’t download it. Remember Onir has funded this movie with the participation of people like you and me (It is called crowd funding but I certainly believe it should be called ‘Passionate funding’).

Go On and drown yourself in Baangur jaisi...and just leave yourself with the will love it!

A Must have album.

My view - 5/5

Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 Khoon maaf - Music review

  1.  Darling – An excited Usha Uthup gets the ball rolling with some lovely violin and accordion and the army like drums in the background…stage set and the super Rekha Bharadwaj enters like a Daaaaarling! A song supremely accompanied by the very talented Chorus. Gulzar Saab gets apologetic for calling the lover on a Sunday and Usha Uthup belts out Urdu words along with Rekha Bharadwaj with aplomb. Watch how they both say the word ‘Qayda’ and not ‘Kayda’ Ah! The attention to details…Vishal bharadwaj sets the tone of this lovely album with this super song!
  1. Bekaran - A gentle bass effect with slow violins and almost a faint piano enters your senses melodiously accompanied by the whispering Vishal Bharadwaj. This is the song which reinforces the fact that Gulzar writes honey dipped poetry while the other lesser mortals are plain lyricist. Lillah! The sound setting almost fades leaving Guitar and Vishal into the Antraa of the song. The song has a very romantically dark feel to it. A superb composition by Vishal.
  1. O Mama – K.K gets a chance to sing for Vishal. Electric guitar and keyboard notes start the song and go bang bang! Powerful lines perfectly delivered by KK (Who is not doing the typical woooo hooo wooo in the song for a welcome change!) A song full of attitude and Guitar! A different sound of music from Vishal.
  1. Awaara – Master Saleem finally gets honey dipped lyrics to sing composed by Vishal. This lovely song has a very nomadic and ‘on the go’ sort of a feel to it. Vishal gets a superb Sitar in between which accentuates the overall feel of the song. Love the way the song ends..completely nomadic…kudos! It’s nomadic and THAT DOESN’T mean it’s a SUFI song.
  1. Tere Liye – Suresh Wadkar, the soft spoken killer! Whenever he teams up with Vishal-Gulzar, Qayamat happens, and this song is no different. Beautiful guitar opens the song and the ‘killer’ just sings one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard from him. If you hear the song attentively, you will realize that some notes of this song are similar to the ‘Aur fir yun hua’ (film – striker) which was sung by Vishal. As usual, Gulzar weaves a sweet word (‘Shawl’). What is amazing is an almost ‘vocal’ Sarod and the way it’s been used in this song. God! How we wish Vishal-Gulzar work more and give us more gems like these.
  1. Dil Dil hai – Suraj Jagan roars out loud along with a guitar which is vocally violent. Quite a different sound from Vishal again. It is just a 3 minute song but trust Suraj Jagan to give it everything. A full of attitude song about all what heart is.
  1. Yeshu – Church bells open this piece with lovely violins giving a very decisive feel to the mood. Rekha Bharadwaj. Quite a dramatic feel along with very heavy chorus and violins constantly keep the ‘filmy’ feel of this song intact.
  1. Doosri Darling – the Russian chorus with constant tempo pass the baton to Rekha Bharadwaj who is wondering the possibilities in Love! In this version, watch how Rekha pronounces Darling (as if partially opening the mouth and throwing the words from it). Metallic flute gives it a feel of the good life which might remind you of ‘The corrs’ for a moment. Usha Uthup and Clinton Cerejo do very well to bring back the lively mood. Supremely done!
  1. O Mama (Unplugged) – Beautiful strings welcome you to this song. Dark lyrics, yet romantic. Nicely sung by KK. He gets a little 'typical' towards the end of this 1 minute 43 second song but then somethings cannot be helped! *sigh*
To sum it up, it is yet another different album from the magnificent Gulzar-Vishal. I won’t state the obvious about Gulzar saab’s poetry because that’s already established that he is the best and in this album also, he mesmerises us by his word play. Sir, we bow to you

A must have album.