Friday, January 8, 2010

Veer - Music review (rated 4/5)

Lyrics - Gulzaar

Music - Sajid-Wajid

1. Taali (Sukhwinder,Sonu Nigam, Wajid, Neuman Pinto) - The album starts and how! The song is a high energy party with 2 of the greatest singers who have gone behind the microphone for hindi film music. Sukhwinder is GOD when it comes to the high pitches and Sonu gets the flow just right. Gulzaar saab has played with words like never before and pens the mood of a warrior and his friends who are fondly describing how a well ornamented girl of their dream will look like. Oh hell! press the repeat button and come on the dance floor! Do try and catch the elephant cry in the song!! Nice and neat!!

2. Surili Ankhiyon waali (Rahat fateh ali khan) - RFAK comes in and does what he does best. Sweet sugar voice with murderous command over all the nuances of raagas coupled with Gulzaar saab's pen creates an utterly romantic atmosphere and whatever was left is completed by the lovely accordion which comes in almost to surprise you. Lot of operah-like music is interwoven (am sure for cinematic display of varied locations at the same time in the song). Deja-vu feeling will hit you when you hear Suzzane coming in with english words in between (Lagaan anyone?). All in all a superb song.

3. Salaam aaya (Roop K. Rathod - Shreya) - Without wasting anytime, Roop k. Rathod comes in with his ever soothing voice accompanied with tabla and indulges in a romantic discussion with Shreya Ghoshal. The metal flute in the background along with electric piano (and some more operah-like sound) gives a very classy (and never over-the-top) feeling. Voila! there is Sitar as well. Each stanza starts with 2-track voices of the singer which is a first in hindi film music. There is a hint of the 'surili ankhiyon waali' tune in between which sounds sweet! and vanishes before you realise it. Good work here. Here it on evenings...Magical!

4. Meherbaniyan (Sonu nigam) - Drums, slow dhols and bagpipers!! Only Salman khan movie can have this fatal combination eh! Sonu nigam gets you the goose-bumps immediately and the catchy tune with lovely words of Gulzaar saab creates a 'lovable tapori' effect in the song! This is one song which can make anyone dance..even people like me who are born with 2 left legs! The stanzas of this song will take you on the icy floor of music where survival is possible only if you can dance and the second stanza will take your breath away..PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION - Do check this one out!! (Am actually sad at the slow dance of Salman khan in this song...what a treat it would have been to see Hritik dance on this one eh!)

5. Kanha (Rekha Bharadwaj - Sharib-Toshi with Shabaab Sabri) - A thumri basically with loads of ghungroos in the background, killer of a sarangi, adorable tabla and the haunting and supremely talented Rekha Bharadwaj. Toshi and sabri give background vocals and must be complimented as they set the tone of this lovely lovely lovely composition. Is this the same sajid wajid who have given us most forgetful (and irritating) music off late!! The superb description of Virah (separation) is marvellously penned by Gulzaar saab.The way sarangi plays the 'salaam aaya' song tone in between will haunt your senses like no other. Magical check this out!

6. Taali (Sukhwinder) - Basically same as the song number 1 mentioned above. Just that Sonu nigam is missing from this version. Everything else is same. I guess this one is included to increase the number of songs in the CD.

7. Surili Ankhon wali (RFAK - Sunidhi chauhan) - Again, almost the same 'sound' as the song no. 2. The exception is that this song has the talented Sunidhi chauhan as well. After you will hear this you will get a feeling that Sunidhi hasn't put in 'good' effort in this number. She is found wanting on the high notes and you will know it immediately. Good part is that she comes in very late in the song and by then RFAK would have mesmerized you enough to like this song as well!

8. Theme of Veer - Now this is what I call a theme! Bagpipers play with good amount of drums and your feet will automatically tap the ground because of the music! A very happy mix of claps and cheers is mixed for good. Quite an innovative sound and a must listen! It is just 45 seconds long!


Sajid-Wajid must be complimented and complimented well for this lovely effort. Of course, having Gulzaar saab write the lyrics also does help but the credit of scoring such lovely tunes cannot be ignored. I dont know about the movie, but the soundtrack of Veer shall play in my car for a long time!


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  1. Am actually happy some one loved Veer songs as much as me .. am so used to stares when i ask for Veer songs !!