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Kaminey (Music review) - Jul 10, 2009 10:33 AM

Here comes another music review courtesy heavy traffic snarls! This time I am stuck in Bangalore!

Gulzar saab teams up with Vishal Bharadwaj to give us the music of ‘Kaminey’ and how! A pleasant surprise was to hear Suresh Wadkar after Omkara. Let me get down to the business straight away then..

6. Go Charlie Go – from the sound of it since the beginning of the track you get to know that it would definitely be a climax sort of music. A slow linear sort of keyboard and mild brass band mix build up an ‘anticipatory tone’ to the track and just when you think you have heard it all bang comes Vishal Dadlani singing ‘Ten teden’. What’s commendable is that towards the end of this 2 minute track, Vishal and all the instruments go ‘ten teden’ and rather than sounding chaotic it sounds like a 1970s Hindi flick climax music that used to be donned with car chases, crashes and lots of running around.

5. Pehli Baar Mohabbat (Mohit Chauhan) - A very soothing almost sleepy Piano suddenly gives way to a whispering electronic piano sound and Mohit Chauhan takes the microphone and begins to weave a magic which only he can. Unlike other songs that Mohit has sung off late, this song has a ‘Stop and Go’ feel to it. It starts as a soothing lullaby if you like and takes the shape of a ballad before you know. The lyrical genius of Gulzar cannot be described in a ‘mouthshut review’ so I will refrain from looking stupid. Although I must point out that he comes up with some new words like – teepna (affectionate way of gentle slapping), Meechna (affectionate pinching). The song takes you to the careless wanderings in the woods with your loved one and before you know the slow jazz guitar along with drums gets you back to the present tense…smiling all the way!

4. Raat ke barah baje (Sunidhi chauhan, Rekha Bharadwaj, Suresh wadkar and Kunal Ganjawala) – Rekha starts – tana na na na and is accompanied by a shrill shehnai. Before you know there is a rapper with Sunidhi and Rekha and the song goes on to describe that it’s the first time and the last time these girls have fallen in love. Vishal’s genius is on display as this song shares a lot of traits with the song number 5 above. While the Mohit chauhan version is very soothing and has an evening feel to it, this one is an out and out ‘night and naughty’. This film features Shahid Kapoor is playing a double role (one is a lisp and the other stammers). You don’t have to be a genius that Suresh wadkar is singing for the stammering shahid because at one point Suresh Wadkar stops (trying to complete a sentence), when suddenly Kunal ganjawala swoops in and does the needful. It goes something like

Suresh Wadkar – Pehli baar mohabbat..(and the anticipation goes up…)
Kunal ganjawala – (with a bang) – Ki hai….!!

Do hear this one to see that ‘ten teden’ is not the only experimental word used by Gulzar saab in this soundtrack!!

3. Fatak – Kailash Kher and Sukhwinder – The moment kailash kher starts singing you feel like you are listening to ‘dil hara re’ of Tashan but within 3 seconds thankfully that feeling goes away..because you hear the crowd (chorus) going – ‘Zataaaaaak….Fataaaak’ – Ooof! Is Gulzar going the ‘Benjamin Button’ way?? . A song describing a pimp who is not afraid to sell his friend if he gets some money! I am sure the readers know that in this film, there is a small message about ‘preventing aids’ and this song gets to play it’s part for the cause. Hear it out, it’s not ugly or vulgar. I am sure this will be a treat to watch because you won’t like to press the ‘repeat’ button to hear it again, and I trust Vishal to cast a spell on screen with this one!

2. Kaminey – Vishal Bharadwaj – oh! Don’t for a moment let the title of this song fool you. This remains one of the most soulful and romantic song I have heard since some time. I remember that in the film ‘U me aur Hum’ there was a version of the title song sung by Vishal that wasn’t publicized, although it was very nicely sung. I am sure this one has a better fate and will feature in the film. Gulzar oh! Gulzar how can you come up with something like

Kabhi zindagi se maangapinjrey mein chaand laa do
Kabhi laalten dekar, kaha aasman pe taango!

Just when you think it’s an all out romantic song, you get the feel of deeper message and probably the storyline of this film. I am sorry, I can’t share that with you here…listen to this yourself…you probably won’t regret. 10 on 10 for this one to all involved!

1. Dhan teden! – Vishal dadlani – Sukhwinder – O yea! O yea!! You know what you are getting the moment this song begins. Goosebumps is purely a side effect. Not because there is that ‘ten teden’ effect. You actually experience the singers having a party and complimenting themselves like they know its their last song and they wont get a chance to sing ever again!! The Verve, the energy…MINDBLOWING!!! Jazz, Dholak, glass breaking…everything takes you to hit the accelerator and go for the ‘repeat’ button!! There is point in the song just before ends when Vishal and sukhwinder take turns in stopping and passing the baton to the other one..you have got to here it..I guess it begins around 3 minute 51 seconds in the song…You must hear (if you like new sound of music once and while) the way Sukhwinder gives out a ‘nearly Sufi’ call saying – Aaaaja aaja…and then Vushal gets the attitude and takes a really long shot at ‘ten teden…tene teden’. The only thing I disliked about this song is that it just ends very quickly. Ah! Just hear how the brass band comes once in a while and adds a touch desi yet rocky feel!!

I bought this album only because of Ten teden! And I was compensated very well with all the songs. I recommend this to anyone who wants to hear a good album with lots of innovation thrown in terms of innovative words and attitude.

Thank God for his little mercies (in the form of people like Gulzar and Vishal bharadwaj) who give us a flash of brilliance in the otherwise dull, suffocating and ‘inspired’ world of Hindi film music!

Peace and equanimity

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