Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Titan Orion - review

This review is not meant for guys who own pink cars and think pink is the new red!

Recently launched Titan Orion has an appearence full of attitude and the steel body, the white steel body compliments the whole package very well.

Let me try to put all the steps I took:

What should my watch have?

i. It should be something I can wear to office also
ii. I am into sales so the watch, if visible should not play a mind-diverter (no idea if this is a word or not!)
iii. My employer should not feel they pay me too much and cut back on future increments.iv. It should not be a digital watch
v. It should have a ’hour and minute chronograph’ - I have no idea why I wanted this feature...may be because one gets 3 small watches within one bigger watch for the same price!
vi. It should not make me request for a financial bailout from the Govt. of India.

Why Titan?

1. I already have a Citizen Eco drive since last...7 years! (ya i should have written a review on that I know)
2. I wanted to check out the Titan offering in ’hour and minute chronograph’ space.
3. I have always found titan watches to be value for money (remember for lesser mortals like me, it is still a recession time...cant spend on swiss watches just as yet!)
4. Be Indian, buy Indian ( sounds totally cheesy..!)

Other options looked at

A. Casio - They might be making good watches but I wasn’t in a mood to buy a digital wrist watch...
B. Citizen Eco drive - A cool brand, but I already own one!
C. Tissot - Please read the point number 3 above (in why titan)
D. Rado - I don’t think Rado deserves me as of now (ok ok...point number 3 above again!)
E. Titan Navigator series - I found them too loud for my liking...not something you would like to peep in from your hand sleeve when you are making a presentation to your clients

I also looked at Tag Heuer, Esprit (Yawn!) and Tommy Hilfiger (yawn yawn)

Why Titan Orion?

Because of the sheer attitude the watch oozes. It is something that you can wear to office, wear in parties and can carry it off during weekends. The hour and minute chronograph and the inbuilt date info is quite handy. It does not glow like a neon sign in the night but you can easily see time in the dark...(am trying to click it’s pic in the dark....will put it up soon!)

Lastly, almost all the watches with minute and hour chronograph I came across were upwards of INR 10,000.

Few caveats:

1. Some people might find this watch a bit heavy, since it is quite thick
2. Since its a little big in size, you may take time to get used to it (i.e.) - watch your hand when you are roaming can hit the wall with this watch more often than you like
3. If not understood properly, you might unintentionally change the chronograph settings.
4.There is a similar watch but it has a dull gold finish, have a look at it as well if at all you plan to have a look at this series of watches.

The tag line for Orion is - ’be more’ and for once, I agree with them.

Please feel free to tear this review apart...and do leave you comments and rating.

Peace and equanimity

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