Wednesday, March 4, 2009

singh is king - music review

Even I cant believe that I am about to pen my views on Singh is Kinng music!The only thing I like about the album is that it is very proud of itself! There are no mandatory songs to make the album saleable. In fact all the songs appear to be very dependant on the movie. The album has no hang-ups on what it is trying to achieve (Unlike the other recent albums like kismet konnection who try to be everything to everybody and end up looking like a over baked cake! 2 dance songs, one atif song, one neeraj sridhar and one sonu nigam and lo! aapka album taiyyar ho gaya!!)

To make the music album sell by itself, Even the Jaane tu ya jaane na album had one song in two parts which were never filmed. (Jane tu mera kya hai jaane main tera kya hoon)

Song-01 - Singh is kinng(Akshay Kumar, RDB, Snoop Dog) - The album kicks off with this hep song where in Snoop Dog and RDB (I thought they are one and the same!) rap and dance their way to your ears. Skeptics might argue that this is a loud song. Do I agree? Yes. Is it bad? No!This song announces its arrival and tells everyone that its not going to be a Softy album. The things to watch out for are the quick punjabi rap by Akshay kumar, and some real good mixing (Nope Not noise but Mixing!), along with authentic punjabi sounds..

Song-02 - Ji Karda (Labh juneja, Suzie Q) - A typical punjabi song with moments of anticipation, followed by a big BAAAAAAAAANG!. Quite un-pritam like I must say. Labh Juneja has become my favorite from the time I heard his song - Pyaar kar ke pachtaya from pyar ke side effects! The way the song starts with Paaji Paaji actually makes you wonder if this movie is going to be a spoof or ’wilfully non-sensical’ movie!The thing to watch out in this song is a continous siren like sound going in the background, yet not disturbing the flow of the song.

Song-03 - Bas ek King (Mika, Hard kaur and Ashish Pundit) Typical 1990s song in which the title of the film will be repeated till you get deaf or shut the music! Mika is good. Nothing much can be said of this song!

Song-04 - Bhootni Ke (Daler Mehndi) - The less we speak of this song the better. While some may argue that its a humrous song with elements of fun..I strongly feel that having this kind of a title for the song is not a wise thing to DO. Imagine kids singing this. There are no abuses in the song alright but then do we really need these kind of words to ’cook a controversy?’ Having a blasphemous title gets this song off my rating list and hence wont mention anything to watch out for

Song-05- Teri Ore -(Rahat fateh ali Khan and Shreya ghoshal) - The mandatory melodious song of the album. Rahat sahab is slowly walking away with some very soulful songs as other watch. A very cute song.Love the way this song begins!

Song 06 - Talli Hua (Labh Juneja & Neeraj Sridhar) - Neeraj sridhar comes back to sing the last song of the album which is a tad loud but hearing the song, you will get the feel that it would be a moment - specific song which could grow on you when you see the movieDo hear the way neeraj sridhar says - sorry sorry sorry very sorry very sorry! Thats just plain brilliance! Being a singer, if one can act in his songs it is a great quality to have!

Final Verdict

Have tagged it as average only because of the song by Daler mehndi. I am sure masses will love it and I suspect it would be shot very very humorously but that cannot offset the kind of title the song has. Even after rating the album as average, I would recommend this album to those who like their music loud and who like to dance rather than seeing people dance!I do suspect that this movie would be akind of spoof wherein Akshay will play plain dumb! Buy this album for hip hop and loud dancing...and for nothing else!


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