Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sarkar raj - movie review

Now let me put somethings straight:

1. I have not seen Sarkar part 1.
2. I dont like Abhishek bachchan
3. I dont like Aishwarya Rai
4. This point is mentioned in the read the full review to see this
5. I WONT let point number 2,3 and 4 to influence my review

The Story

Bearing a grim resemblance to Enron’s fiasco in India, the movie is about ’welfare for the people of Mumbai’ and how it all goes horribly wrong thanks to some meticulous planning behind the scenes by some goons to overpower the SARKAR.The story is not lacking in intent at all. The sad part is, the execution for the first half seems perfect but in the second half the writers seem to just doze off! What started brilliantly ends as a tame ’bad kills bad and good prevails’ kind of a story which we have had  an overdose of in Bollywood. Its just over 2 and a half hour movie and thats a good thing (YASH CHOPRA - PLEASE TAKE A CUE)

The characters

Amitabh Bachchan - playing a ’God Figure’ does very little wrong in the film. His mere presence on the screen is enough for all of us to sit and take notice of the moment. The way he has used ’non-verbal’ modes of communication in this movie(sorry I CANT give more hints...cant be a spoilsport) is there to be seen. He plays the father who doesn’t want his son to go wrong...not because he does not trust his son...but for the reason that he loves him just too much! On a flip side the second half one does wish that BIG B should have got fewer lines...see the movie to find out why

Abhishek Bachchan - Powerful silence, wonderful eye movement and a seldom smile. Thats all this lad has done in this movie. Sometimes you do feel he is over-doing it but then I guess thats the fault of director and not him. Well done!

Aishwarya rai - Married to the character.....appears plastic at times...but the performance in totality is very good.

Victor Banerjee - Playing a to the point business man has a very small role but does very well.. He plays Aishwarya’s father. (I sincerly wished he should have faced a couple of scenes with BIG B in the same frame!)

Other characters - please note that there are other ’significant’ characters in the movie but if I do mention them here, I would run the risk of giving away the story...hence I wont go that road. But the guy who doesn’t speak a word in the movie (hint - is very close to Abhishek bachchan) is a guy to look out for! His expressions are worth at least a million dollars here

The MusicNothing to come out humming from the cinema halls. Sanskrit shlokas have been sweetly used as a background score (with an over doze of GOVINDA GOVINDA), but i seriously liked it. More than the songs, I feel its the background music which can increase/decrase the speed of the movie. And in this very department Sarkar raj scores high...One of the best part though is that no song appears in its full length in the movie (Karan johar, YASH CHOPRAS, roshans - please take a cue from this PLEASE!)

Things I liked about the movie

1. In the very first few scenes, the way the camera is flipped here and there increases the tension...its just brilliant (hint - when Aishwarya comes to meet Sarkar)

2. Unpredictable - Some very unpredictable twists in the story...wish they were described a little nicely.

3. Scene - The lone scene which comes in the second half and shows BIG B standing alone in his house with a brilliant background u goose pimples...Wonder is it just me or is BIG B getting younger. Special points to RAM GOPAL VARMA for the brilliant camera angels in this scene.

4. Background score

Final verdict

I liked this movie, but I wish I could say that I loved this movie. Its not a bad film at all, but its not a very good film. Somewhere towards the end, we feel that the movie has been finished in a hurry..(wonder if RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG fiasco has anything to do with that)...It could have been much better if ramu would have given some more screen space to some very good characters which were made to vanish suddenly! And yes...coming back to point number 4, well it reads - i dont like amitabh bachchan !!I urge you to rate my review and leave comments....Peace.

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