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rock on - movie review

Very often we come across a subject which is a point of discussion amongst almost everyone you come across. The knowledge of the subject takes a back seat since ‘everyone has an opinion’!

 Same happened with Rock on!!

Live your dream – was the tagline and it was construed as ‘Live your ROCK dream’ and almost everyone who was blessed with hearing abilities pounded on a hapless Farhan Akhtar for singing and starring in a movie which is based on a rock band.

 Let us see how bad or well the movie was or wasn’t!

The Story Not much to write about except the fact that the movie is based on a break up and re-union of four friends who form a part of Magik – their rock band. A thing to note is that there are 2 more characters that should get a mention here.

The Actors Arjun Rampal - was the surprise package if you ask me. He has delivered what we can call a powerful performance with an appearance which puts many a run-of-the-mill bollywood stars to shame.I had conveniently put him on my ‘distrust this member’ list long back. I somehow couldn’t digest him in conventional roles, and that is where the catch was! The guy is different and as he proved in his small role in Om Shanti Om (he was better in the second half!), he can rock only if the music being played is to his liking! I don’t care whether he did the guitar trick to perfection or not, he was looking like a true rock star and that’s what matters!

Purab Kohli – The comedy guy! I always thought he has strong acting abilities but in this movie, his comedy timing was put on display and he sizzles. He dances to ‘I will survive’ (I think it is Gloria Gaynor song, not sure though) in a way which can put Malaika Arora to shame! Watch out for him in the movie. (He plays a Gujrati, but unlike jaane tu ya jaane na...doesnt ham in Gujrati accent which was a welcome difference...)

Luke Kenny – does his job well. His appearance in the first half is marked with his lovely hairs and his D-Major note on the keyboard! Luke comes to life in the second half of the movie and your heart reaches out to him when he is seen recording music for a ‘big bollywood music director’. He gets a 5 star from me!

Prachi Desai – plays her part well and sticks to a ‘calm wife’ image. Although I feel she should have got a bit more screen space to establish the ‘boring’ life she was going through with her husband. As an actor, she is good.

Shahana Goswami – plays an overworked sacrificing wife to Arjun Rampal. She is involved in the climax as well. Quite a strong performer and even when you see her asking her husband not to follow his heart but to make money for the family, you don’t hate her for the simple reason that her character has been given good ‘screen time’.

Other actors like Koel and Nicolette were also good in their small roles.

The other rocker who plays Nicolette’s husband is also quite ‘in the character’ in first as well as second half (which is commendable because he gets 4-5 scenes in total!)

Farhan Akhtar – is a rock star in full garb. He plays the modern investment banker perfectly (watch out for the scene wherein he is assuring his client on where to put his money and quickly asks about the client’s wife before hanging up the phone with a ‘Jai sri krisna’). His rock star roars are just awesome.

The Music

This movie would be out of breath if it were not for a fabulous music score it has! You can read my music review (posted on 18 July 2008) here Just to reiterate, the album got a 5 out of 5 from me Please hear this album keeping all the baggage aside. You don’t have to CONVERT to Rock music. Respect the genre, respect music.

The direction and screenplay and all the other technicalities which I don’t understand but I feel I am wise enough to comment upon:

I did not find the film slow in the second half. I found it a bit hushed up towards the end. The crowd participation in the last concert could have been filmed better. Even in the soundtrack we find more of a ‘chorus’ sound rather than a wild ‘rock audience noise’!

A word here for the art director who has done a splendid job be it the immaculate house of Farhan Akhtar, the JEEP (see the movie), Arjun Rampal’s house or the investment banker’s workstation!

Watch how cleverly (and non-preachy) these 2 scenes are:

1st in which the watchman greets farhan akhtar but farhan doesnt respond.
2nd. when farhan akhtar greets the watchman and the watchman responds. The director could have so easily put a slow motion and an irritating ’Yash raj films’ type music to this scene (to show the change in Farhan’s character)...but he doesn’t!

Yes...this movie isnt meant for masses huh!I did not feel the script weak where Farhan Akhtar’s break up with his girlfriend was shown. How many of us can boast of a PERFECT break up? (If at all something like this exists!)

The direction was quite spot on and kudos to the director and editor because you never feel the burden of a song on yourself (Yash Raj, Karan Johar…this is FYI...) The movie reminds us all to do what we like to do, because if we don’t follow our heart, we would be reduced to a money-making machine devoid of any love, passion and friendship.

The message sounds clich├ęd, but is very well delivered. Overall I give a 5 out 5 to rock on!! 4 stars for the wonderful film, one star on the sheer grit to package the movie in a way that only niche, multiplex audience will go to see this movie.

 Buy a movie ticket, get entertained in a rock concert and come out feeling light!... Oh yes and well Yash Raj and Karan johar are back....why? well these so called big banners are back by at least 1000 light years when it comes to the treatment and choice of a subject. May they get some senses soon!

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