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luck by chance - movie review

Farhan Akhtar is a reason enough for me to watch a movie and luck by chance was no different.Let us get down to the business straight away

The Story (no freebies!) Commonly uncommon - If in Bangalore/Hyderabad the only thing you overhear is the ’programming, Visual basic’ java etc.’ you can overhear a lot about ’I am/was here to make it big in hindi film industry’ in Mumbai. its a story about two strugglers (and a handful of small timers) who are in Mumbai to make it big in films. Etched with a lot TRUE clichés like - you have to be a son/daughter/brother (or THAT) of a film wala only then you make it big, the story is fairly simple and by the time you think that you know the story well enough, (with the help of a non-melo dramatic climax) the story ends unconventionally.

There are a lot of incidents which get a mention but the story doesn’t dilute itself with too many sub-plots. A typical common story with a not-so- common ending.The actors (again, no freebies!)

aamir khan, raju hirnai, boman irani, abhishek bachchan, akshay khanna, vivek oberoi etc are all very good in their limited roles.

Konkana sen - brave attempt on the part of konkana to accept this role which has makings of a typical ’heroine’ but she gets into the skin of the character in a way only she can. Amazing performance and kudos to her for accepting this role else the audience would have type casted her as ’an art movie tragic looking actor’

Rishi Kapoor - surprise surprise! Rishi kapoor comes out shining in a role that demanded a lot of hamming, volatility of emotions and ability to look stupid - all this without going over the top and he excels truly.

Dimple Kapadia - plays a prima donna of yester years and does well.

Hritik - plays a super star...acts well and potrays a double crosser with ease. Man! He dances with so much energy!!

Juhi Chawla - Plays the ’young’ wife of ’not so young’ film producer. Just when you think that she is all about hamming and ’more than required’ facial expressions, she delivers nicely in that maiden scene in which her husband breaks down and reflects on how arrogant this ’young’ generation has become the manner he is disrespected. Good!

Karan Johar - should thank zoya akhtar for giving him strong dialouges and he delivers it with perfection. Check out his facial expressions when he delivers them.

Shahrukh Khan - Comes across...says few things and leaves. Go see what he won’t complain even if you hate him.

Farhaan Akhtar - Plays his part well. Some say he has a flat face & flat voice.They should see this movie and recommend one actor who could have played this part like he does. His character required NOT Oscar winning display of emotional complexity which only elites understand. It demanded he looks vulnerable...and he does it in style.

People won’t like him only because of the things he does in the movie and if someone can achieve this feat it’s a compliment to her/his acting style.

I won’t mention anything about the girl who plays Dimple’s daughter. At first you will think she is ‘in the character’ but later when she opens her mouth you will easily underline her acting skills…the less said the better!

The music

The music very hummable and the best song finds its place in the casting. That’s why I say – do not miss the beginning! I do feel that some songs could have been trimmed (NOT CUT – Trimmed) to keep the length of the movie short but then…what do I know? I am sitting posting reviews so I will leave the work of professionals to them!

The direction and screenplay and all the other technicalities which I don’t understand but I feel I am wise enough to comment upon:

Zoya Akhtar has made an impressive debut (the length of the film notwithstanding) even if she has used the movie world as a background (that normally attracts a lot of ‘masala’ audience) and peppered the movie with a lot of stars! But after you come out seeing the movie you will be convinced that not one of the star is used unnecessarily. I found the film a but long (running time around 3 hours or could be a bit more…I did not time the movie, I was seeing it!).

I guess the sheer simplicity of the story demanded simple camera movements and it was done accordingly. More thoughts on this (and other aspects) invited from other seasoned minds of cinema.


Title credits  – Do not miss it! Its good to see someone attempting to show the ‘real behind the scenes crew’

The fight – between Farhan and his theater actor friend. Do check out the child like behavior of farhaan after the incident and the manner in which he sits down to cry.

Anurag Kashyap, the actor – Nope…not telling you more…go sue me! See him!

The ending – Simple, non dramatic and perfectly executed

Lastly, One could have so easily swam with the tide and shown the dark aspect of the film industry (it is shown though in a non-scary manner) and the other ‘compromises’ one has to make. Instead, the story tellers have chosen the dignified route and barring couple of clichés, the movie manages to impress you because you will feel that the movie has its heart at the right place. I don’t care if the movie is a hit or miss…but it entertained me for sure….and that too without stooping to the level wherein I had to work hard to find things like eight packs, or good locations etc. to like it.Go see it, you will like it more than dislike it.

Please leave your comments and ratings and tear this review apart!

Peace and equanimity

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