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Khuda ke liye - movie review

Arguably one of the best themes one will see in today’s times. When so many countries are pounding at some helpless people tagging them as terrorists, KKL gives you a chilling revelation on how these helpless people tackle/succumb to the pressure.

There are two lines which make up the story, both merging with the same theme – ISLAM! If there were an award for the ‘most misunderstood word’ it would definitely go to ‘ISLAM’! There are extremists who interpret it to mind-wash people and then use them to further their ulterior motives, only to cause injury to the human soul. Then there are people who believe in the real ISLAM and would never think on extremes yet they end up being punished (brutally punished if in this movie’s context) – thanks to the deeds of the extremists.

The actors

Almost everyone is superb. Especially the Maulana Tahiri who brainwashes the singer to leave singing and pursue ‘the fight for ISLAM’. He makes you hate him and that is quite a compliment to any actor. Mansoor (played by Shaan) has the rough looks to make Sunny deols, Sanjay Dutts and Suniel Shettys run for cover. Sadly, he is given a guitar in his hand in the movie, but he does well to put up a spirited performance. Sarman (played by Fawad Khan) is brilliant. He potrays the ‘weak-link’ confused human being to the core. He however lets us down when he tries to cry…nope! Not nicely done. Then there are two female leads who are equally good in their respective roles. It’s sad that the girl who plays Sarman’s wife (Iman ali) could not do much justice to her role when she had a chance to portray plethora of varied emotions. Janie, on the other hand was played very well by Austin Mary Sayre. It would be criminal for me not to mention Naseer-ud-din Shah who in his very limited role comes, sees and conquers! Won’t mention much about his role here since one should go and see the movie to find that out! Believe me, its worth it!

The Direction/Screenplay/cinematography and other technicalities which I know nothing about but think I can judge them easily:

My only complain with this movie is the death of pace in the second half. The movie just drags and keeps you waiting for the scenes to end to go to the second frame! At times it turns preachy in a manner which was popular in 1980s (Referring to the ultra-dramatic scene when Sarman is presented in the court for the first time and Maulana tahiri tries to justify his actions as acceptable to Islam). The film’s editing wasn’t great either. The sets through which Afghanistan was created looks amateurish to say the list and it’s not acceptable for a movie which is touted as ‘international’ to have these kind of compromises

The Music (including the background score) The true plus point of this movie! There could not be any ‘IF’ as far as the music is concerned. The title song is very simple, hum able and full of impact! Allah-Hu – my personal favorite. This is used as a background score and the situations in which it is used gives me goose pimples the moment I type this here. Raag Tilak Kamod – the song which Mansoor plays in his music school on the first day is an old composition but done oh so beautifully! Bandeya - A very peaceful song in a groovy beat! I love it when we see creative liberties being taken in music compositions. Quite nice!

Things I loved in the movie The message. PERIOD! Music & Naseer-ud-din Shah. PERIOD!

 Final Verdict

I was expecting quite a lot from the movie and it delivered the same in terms of the message and the underlying theme. In terms of execution, though its another story but I am not complaining because I am sick and tired of watching AMERICA saving the ‘WORLD’ from the extremists. Its time everyone wakes up and takes notice of the fact that brutality and extremism does not have a religion! Please rate my review and leave your comments.

Peace (In the name of GOD!)

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