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Jaane tu ya jaane na - movie review

Remember the days when life used to be good...friends were more important than cell phones, just a walk in the rain used to be much better than a drive!Well Jaane tu ya jane na takes us to those lovely days of friendship, togetherness and laughter!

It is such a simple film that would make you really think what the so called big banners do with the money they claim on spending dull duds.

Without wasting much of a time, let me start and finish quickly!

The Plot

Nothing great. In fact it is so predictable that you can sit and second guess almost everything in the movie. The cliched entries of the characters makes you yawn because you can immediately guess what are they going to do and when are they going to vanish and what are they going to be accomplish! I guess we all are getting sick and tired of 2 friends not knowing that they love each other.....(Yawn yawn!)The so called climax scene isnt any better. Even people like George bush can sit and predict what happens in the end...Predictability - while we are on the subject let me quickly ask some questions:

1. How many of us thought that in ’lagaan’ aamir khan’s team would lose the cricket match?
2. How many of us thought that in ’Taare zameen par’, the kid is going to live with dyslxia forever?
3. How many of us thought that in ’Dil chahta hai’, the 3 buddies will never re-unite?
4. How many of us thought in ’Chak de India’, that Indian team will lose the world cup finals?

Get my drift?Predictability is fine. Its the treatment & characters which can inject blood and soul in the now lets talk about the characters.

The Actors

The actors are characters in the movie or is it the other way round? Yes you guessed it! The wise idea of picking up new comers for every lead role works well here because you havent seen them no matter what they do, they will remain as Rontu, Jiginesh, Jay, Aditi etc.The sheer timing (and sometimes the appearence!) of each and every character will leave you in splits. Be it the brilliant Naseer-ud-din shah who appears to be enjoying himself in the cameo, be it paresh rawal (who for a change is not loud or stupid!), or Ratna Pathak (The cool mom of Imran khan), or the parents of Aditi (Welcome back anuradha!), or Rajat Kapur (legend in the making) or kitu gidwani (oh welcome back Kitu!).

Cant help but mention Naseer-ud-din again...He is mind blowing!

1. Imran khan doesnt disappoint. He appears quite confident. He is here to stay for sure!
2. Genelia is superb...but her accent needs a bit working out (still much better than katrinas of the world who prefer speaking in english in interviews and getting their voices dubbed for the movies...Yaaaaaaaaaak thu!)
3. The fatso - amazing acting....isnt it so natural to have a friend like him in almost all the gorups??
4. Jigines bhai - Awesome Gujrati Hunk...I give him 20 out of 10!
5. Genelia’s brother - Surprise package! awesome acting...wonderful presence on the screen
6. Arbaaz khan and Soheil Khan - Please see the movie to find how they are...I cannot find words

There are couple (exactly couple) of actors i would want to mention here but I dont want to give away everything here so you please see the movie to find them out! they wont disappoint...they arent stars but they play their part very well

The Music

The music is just too good. My favorite title track comes in and goes leaving you wanting for more...Even the ill-inserted ’Pappu cant dance’ is a treat to see...same goes with all the other songs and the background scoreThe Direction/Screenplay/cinematography and other technicalities which I know nothing about but think I can judge them easily:The direction is crisp. The film length isnt too much which is a good thing to have in a hindi movie. There are no slow motions (thank god for that!)....There are no sangeet ceremonies or a wedding pre-engagement celebration (an event promoted vigorously by yash chopras, karan johars)]

In fact the best part is that for a story so predictable, the treatment is just perfect. The slick one liners, the timing of actors, even the villains make you laugh! I love the entire concept which is given to Naseer-ud-din shah. Abbas - the director has shown us that if he can grip us with his magnificent dialogues of munnabhai series or Maqbool...he can leave us in splits with something so mindless as showing someone getting high with a ’coke!’

Things I loved in the movie:

0. The begining....the casting...Just an amazing way to start the movie...dont miss it!

1. Naseer-ud-din shah’s intense speech on his family!

2. Soheil khan and arbaaz khan in such a serious roles!

3. Cool dialogues (how i wish i could have elaborated a bit more on this but cant spoil the party for check it out yourself and write to me!)

4. The amazing placement of intermission and the way it comes...Just too damn good!

5. Mr. GODOT (you have to observe intensely to find him...and if you dont know about GODOT then google it a bit and you will know what I mean)


I am getting tired of not revealing the plot in my reviews for the sake of good order otherwise I would have loved to mention at least 3 lovely scenes of the movie...but let me just come out with my verdict...It gets a 5 star! from me and a strong recommendation to everyone who is still young at heart! Believe me this movie will at times make you feel you are quite old! (Unless you are in your teens or less than 21!)

As usual, I would urge you to rate my review and leave comments because I want to know whether ’Pappu can write good reviews or not!’Peace

Psst- If you are wondering why i say damn aamir and damn imran, well its because I have asked Aamir khan so many times to give me some tips on acting...he doesnt have time for that...but he has all the time in the world to give his pearls of wisdom to Imran...Damn I am jealous! (Ok..agreed Poor joke!)

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