Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dostana(2008) - music review

Hmmm....Karan johar?? Really?? I asked myself when I played on the CD in my car audio (well..for most part I am driving in Mumbai so where else do you think I will be playing the music??)

Music - Vishal Shekhar
Lyrics - Vishal, Anvita dutt

Track 1 - Jaane Kyun - A peppy true sense of the word. The beginning of the song and the ending is just so refreshing that it had me reaching back to the CD cover to see if it is really karan johar who has produced this movie! I strongly believe that in Vishal Dadlani, we have found yet another item boy for hindi cinema (the first one being Neeraj sridhar). The only difference is that Vishal can inject much more passion and masti in his songs depending on the song’s requirement. All in all a brilliant song with repeat value for everyone especially youth.

Track 2 - Desi girl - Oh I was right..this indeed is a karan johar produced film! With Vishal shouting in a sub track ’desi girl’ the song starts with shankar mahadevan trying not to sound like any of his last few similar ’karan hep’ songs, but he fails. One can easily find shades of wheres the party tonight and so many similar songs in this song. Having bored us to death with PUNJABI sangeet, karan johar chooses a Gujrati dandiya type music arrangement for this song. Sunidhi chauhan comes in and goes out with a customary grace mixed with naughtiness! All in all a song which will be played a lot in dandiyas and dance floors! but does it qualify this to be good? Big No!

Track 3 - Maa da laadla - The moment this song starts, it will catch you off guard and you will love it...I wont reveal much about this factor...check it out for yourself. With the limited exposure to hindi film music and the 5 gram brains, I could decipher that the singer is same who gave company to shankar mahadevan in mast kalendar song from Heyy baby. This song shows how one can do justice with a ’sensitive’ topic and actually make it hillarious. Please excuse me for not sharing much on this hear this one...It is worth it (even if it is mostly in will get the ’message’). I laud the effort of the filmmaker to include this song in the is quite a good effort!

Track 4 - Khabar nahin - A soft and soothing song. Amanat Ali & Raja Hasan give this song a wonderful opening...and the manner in which this song softly holds your hands and takes you through is just very good. What is NOT welcome is a lame intrusion of some english lyrics...I mean with a sufi touch, who would want to hear lines like ’got to be love coz its really got me going!!’ (but then KARAN JOHAR can do anything isnt it?). Shreya Ghoshal is increasingly getting into a typical ’style’ and is no different in this song either..her soothing voice is welcome and the ’style’ isnt. I would have loved to call this song excellent but it just manages to get a ’Good’!

Track 5 - Kuch Kam - Shaan...o Shaan what would be a typical bollywood music album be without your humming and singing! I liked the lyrics of this song the most and not surprisingly it is Vishal who has penned them (not surprising because he has penned the famous ’Allah ke bande’ song as well). Coming back to this song, it reminds of the song ’Piya’ which was composed by shankar ehsaan loy for Mukul anand’s DUS which could never see the light of the day. The song is soft and with the onset of piano in between, your nerves are cooled in a way only piano can have them cooled!

Track 6 - Shut up and bounce - Yawn Yawn! Another sunidhi chauhan song with outrageous dance music and silly lyrics...the song starts making you feel you are listening to a song ’rahem kare’ (from cash i think) and dips in between making you feel it is ’lucky boy’ from Bachna ae hasino...I have to admit I couldnt withstand the full song...(before cutting out, i could hear a lot of electric guitar being played....farhan akhtar see what you have done to hindi philum music!)

Quite an interesting album I must admit. Karan johar has always been a creatively challenged guy but the tracks 1 & 3 redeem him to some extent..kudos to the musicians and lyricist for it as well.According to me - 4 out of 6 songs are OK and that is a good score..!

Hear it with a lot of expectations from ’jaane kyun’ and ’maa da ladlaa’ and with absolutely no expectations from ’desi girl’ and ’shut up and bounce’ and you wont be disappointed! On a sidenote, if you havent heard the DUS song I mentioned above, do hear it...and NO it isnt the same DUS you have seen with Abhishek bachchan!

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Peace and equanimity to all

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