Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amir - Movie review

I want my money back...! WHY?? Well read the review to find out

The story

A brilliant story line which doesnt have a wafer thin plot (as is the case with so many recent films even from those of so called big banners.

The story, one might argue is quite simple but then simplicity is quite hard to find these days isnt it...(especially in the hindi film industry where the STARS prefer speaking in ACQUIRED FAKE ENGLISH ACCENT about their hindi flick!)I am sure you wouldnt be one of those who doesnt have iota of an idea about the story yet to make this review look cool let me just write one line about the story - Its a captivating thriller about the most debated topic I.e. extremism and how it can adversely affect even a simple person who is living next door....Some potshots have been taken on the media as well and you will find this if you care to sit till the very last - believe me its worth it! (Dying to reveal more but wont!)

The cast From now on, Rajeev Khandelwal would forever be known as AAMIR for sure. I am not saying that he is incapable of giving better performances but its unlikely that we will remember him from any other name... The guy is just superb. His looks compliment his overall persona. The way he comes across in the tussel between him and the airport custom officer would be easily forgotten by the end of this movie but just watch out for the final expression which he gives when he comes clean in the airport custom check up!Everyone else (cannot give a hint about characters as it would be an injustice to reveal anything) is perfect...the guy who is ’calling’ him has a natural horror about his voice and yet he is so cool, the manner in which he talks, the manner in which he plays with a small kid at the same time gives you shivers about the kind of people who are involved with extremism and will make you wonder how they are cool with it!

The Music

Must admit I never ever heard the music of this movie before I went in to see it....but I will give a full 100% to the music director in this case. The quick catchy number ’chakkar ghumyo’ is actually a satire on the kind of situation AAMIR sees himself in...It will leave you confused whether you are supposed to laugh at what he is doing in the song,...or feel sorry for him....The qawwali which happens at a key moment in the film will give you goose bumps...If it is not ’Khwaja mere khwaja’ from jodha akbar, it isnt any less...and I guess that in itself is a compliment to the music director The other song ’haara’ will make you sad about AAMIR. You are bound gaze at the screen long after the movie is over and the end credits begin to roll...its because the last song ’EK LAU’ (which is an ode to a wonderful human being) comes up at that time...The background score adds positively to every situation so nicely that you actually start getting anxious to know ’whats next?’ brilliantly done!

The direction and screenplay and all the other technicalities which I dont understand but I feel I am wise enough to comment upon:

The direction is superb and you can never ever find a dull moment in the film. In fact such is the degree of perfection that you will realise in the interval that your head hasn't moved at all and you havent bothered to put your phone in ’silent’ mode! (Hint - watch how the interval swoops in!) The screenplay is quick and most of the shots make you feel you are literally ’with the characters!’One doesnt have to put too much brains to the fact that the banner (UTV SPOT BOY) is a sub-brand of the main umbrella brand I.e. - UTV, in which all the budding directors/actors/technicians will be given a chance to showcase there abilities, and if this is the shape of things to come then I can already hear the so called established brands (Yash raj films and so on!) will have to work out of their skins to retain their otherwise artificial superiority in the entertainment business

Final Verdict

Well I wont keep this review too wordy...let me just summarize - ’If you like this movie then raise your hands...and if you don’t then raise your standards’And if you are still wondering why I want my money back..well its the money I spent to buy myself a pepsi (when the movie started) - till the interval I did not sip it once and all the fizz evaporated! Then again i went to buy myself a pepsi in the interval and found myself in the same situation when the movie ended! CAPTIVATING eh??

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