Saturday, March 7, 2009

13 B - Movie review

The plot of the movie is not revealed.

The soap-opera and TV addiction finds itself in an innovative narration via 13B. The director takes a near bizarre story and weaves it within a superb background score and shady lighting to create this movie.

The Plot

Quite an interesting plot with things revolving around a new flat which two loving brothers have jointly purchased. Things start to go wrong from the first day itself when the mobile camera starts behaving weirdly. Also he finds way out that there is more than what meets the ‘eye’ when he is in the house. Do not expect any freebies here because it will spoil the fun for you. There is a love story angel, a brother loves brother to death angel and a thriller element all stitched together very nicely.

The actors

Not without a doubt, this is Madhavan’s film. He hogs the 75% of the screen time and his presence never makes you long for anyone else. Be it the ‘naughty’ husband or a screaming helpless man, Madhavan delivers like never before. He could do well with losing some weight though. Neetu Chandra as his wife, looked very comfortable, so did Poonam Dhillon playing Maddy’s mother. Sachin khedekar has come a long way since I first saw him in a Zee TV serial ‘teacher’. Everyone including the ‘blind’ man is in the skin of their role and no-one goes over the top in trying to put in their best. The screaming Deepak Dobriyal is a highlight towards the last hour of the film and even if you try, you cannot stop yourself from getting affected by his screams….

The music

The one star is only for ‘sab khairiyat’ and background score. Cannot and will not explore this point any further.

The direction and screenplay and all the other technicalities which I don’t understand but I feel I am wise enough to comment upon:

One might argue that the camera movements in the movie are very scratchy. I feel it was meant to be that way and was totally intentional. Trust me, it will keep you engaged. There isn’t too much money put in the making of the movie and for once you will not complain because the film had to be believable and it is. The sudden turns and crisp editing (especially in the first few scenes) will definitely catch you unawares. I couldn’t understand why the makers thought it would be a good idea to put a song but before I could indulge in the ‘paralysis of analysis’ of this point, the song ended because it hardly comes for 2 minutes! Couldn’t help notice the chubby Madhavan in that by the way!

To conclude

This movie might not set the box office on fire but is sure to make you feel you have got your money’s worth. There are so many makers these days who are getting a chance to showcase their talent thanks to smart strategies of entertainment companies like BIG entertainment. The only thing they could have done better was to trim the length a but because once the premise was set, too many scenes were devoted to reinforce the similarities of the ‘other world’ with the present world.

Don’t take your kids along if you plan to see this movie. You might not like it if you are hell bent on comparing this with some God forsaken Hollywood movie but if you see 13 B as an absolute hindi movie, you will give a thumbs up to it

Have tried my best not spoil the fun by mentioning anything else here.

Peace and equanimity

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